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You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong….[Video]

Circles are for jerking and back and forth is for toddlers. The optimal method of tooth brushing is called the Modified Bass technique and it sounds more like a EMD … Continue reading

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Acrylamide in Coffee: Should You be Concerned?

The health benefits of drinking coffee are pretty impressive. It has been shown to enhance brain function, increase metabolic rate and improve exercise performance (1, 2, 3). A regular intake … Continue reading

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The Effect of Aspartame on Your Brain Read; Gotta Love Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi etc!

Controversy always surrounds the artificial sweetener Aspartame , but do you realize it is currently found in over 6000 foods . Here we examine the far reaching effects it has … Continue reading

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Argentina: The Country That Monsanto Poisoned….

American biotechnology has turned Argentina into the world’s third-largest soybean producer, but the chemicals powering the boom aren’t confined to soy and cotton and corn fields. They routinely contaminate homes … Continue reading

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‘Worse Than We Thought’: TPP A Total Corporate Power Grab Nightmare…

“Worse than anything we could’ve imagined.” “An act of climate denial.” “Giveaway to big agribusiness.” “A death warrant for the open Internet.” “Worst nightmare.” “A disaster.” As expert analysis of … Continue reading

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Why You Should NEVER Throw Your Boarding Pass Away…

Security experts are advising flyers not to throw out their boarding passes or post pictures of it online as your boarding pass, even after your flight, can land you into … Continue reading

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Milk. Raw Whole Milk vs. Homogenized or Pasteurized whole-fat, Low-fat or Skimmed Milk. And, does milk cause infertility?

The question is, what’s the difference between raw whole milk from a cow vs. homogenized or pasteurized milk, and if there is any concern or potential harm regarding low-fat and … Continue reading

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FOUND–Exact Location Where Jesus Christ Was Crucified, Including….

Ron Wyatt claimed that he found the Ark of the Covenant, but was never permitted to provide conclusive evidence. “More and more we are hearing of new books and tales … Continue reading

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Guy Converted His Motorcycle To Run On Water! Now He Will Have To Watch His Back

  The T Power H20 motorbike was developed in Sao Paulo, Brazil by a man named Ricardo Azevedo. The motorcycle can travel up to 310 miles on just a liter … Continue reading

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Professor Finds Marijuana Is Safer to Smoke Than Tobacco

“You’ve got to hold it in your lungs longer, George.” A lot of people remember the famous comment by actor Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Thanks to the knowledge contained … Continue reading

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Palm Reading – If You Have The Letter “M” On Your Palm, It Means…..[With Video]

 Palmistry is an ancient art with roots in India and China. It was originally a part of Hindu astrology and was later popularized in the Chinese book I Ching. Aristotle … Continue reading

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What did the cat do to the dog after he went missing way for 10 days?

  The animosity between two of our favorite animals is well-documented through books, cartoons, and pop culture at large. If we’re to trust what we see on TV, we’d believe … Continue reading

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Watching Your Weight? Don’t Eat This For Lunch; Weight Watchers Under Scrutiny…

  Watching Your Weight? Don’t Eat This For Lunch. I know that most of you are trying to make the right choices when it comes to your health, and you’re looking … Continue reading

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Why Fat People Have Better Sex….

Men with higher fat reserves produce more of this hormone, which inhibits orgasm. So sex just lasts longer when he’s chunky. On a subconscious level, he can’t resist her softness … Continue reading

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Police Brutality – At it’s worst!

POLICE BRUTALITY – Cop Tasers, Stomps & Beats Man With Flashlight For Asking Him To Move His Car

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Bright Coloured Scrunchies saving wildlife from being killed by cats: study

A fashion relic of the late eighties and nineties, the humble scrunchie has found a new lease on life preventing the slaughter of wildlife by domestic cats. In a new … Continue reading

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Watch John Oliver hilariously explain why expiration dates are completely bogus…

As many as nine out of 10 Americans throw away their food before they need to. Most of us do it out of fear. On this week’s episode of “Last … Continue reading

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The Best Oil that Promotes Blindness + an excellent insecticide!

  There remains a great deal of confusion around the so-called “healthy” cooking oil called canola. If you are still cooking with canola or eating foods that contain canola, you … Continue reading

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Police chase Male Cosmetic Shoplifter with 20 patrol cars and helicopter, fail to catch him

Japan; Gifu At approximately 2:50 in the afternoon of December 4 a call came over the emergency 110 line from a drug store reporting that “a man who stole some … Continue reading

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CIA Whistle Blower EXPOSES Everything! “Extreme Prejudice” [VIDEO]

The Summer of 2001,Former Congressional staffer and CIA  Asset Susan Lindauer warned the Government about a major attack involving the World Trade Center.Lindauer provides an  extraordinary first-hand account from behind … Continue reading

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Boss arrested for assaulting employee with a stun gun for being late

Yuji Serigano, the 29-year-old president of a real estate consulting company, woke up intending to assault his only employee. But that’s what ended up happening when the unnamed employee, a … Continue reading

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Jim Carrey Nails Life in Just One Minute…


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Giving Oral Sex Makes Women Happier… According To Study! (ADULTS ONLY)

A recently released survey asked 293 college aged women questions about sex…and the answers will shock you! The women were asked to feel out a common mental health tool used … Continue reading

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Put This Mixture under the Tongue before Sleep and Never Wake up Tired…

That’s only an hour or two less, but the fact is that these couple of hours can have big impact on our health. The human body needs eight hours of … Continue reading

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Nearly all children under 4 have used mobile devices, 77% of 2 year olds – U.S. study suggests…

Parents of four-year-olds from a low-income neighbourhood of Philadelphia have said in a survey that most of their children own mobile media devices, and now researchers who made that discovery … Continue reading

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Microsoft Assures that Windows 10 Keeps Emails Private – BULLSHIT!

The software developer has responded to users’ privacy fears by claiming that Windows 10 does not scan emails, messages or files for advertising purposes. When Windows 10 was released, some … Continue reading

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Why Giving Food to Hungry People Makes Wars Worse!

A new study finds that food aid prolongs civil wars. Of all the ways to intervene in a foreign conflict, handing out food seems like about the safest bet. Sending … Continue reading

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Coffin Therapy: Climb in, Close the Lid, Five Minutes Later a New You! [VIDEO]

Climbing into a coffin for a few minutes is supposedly therapeutic, too! An artificial near-death experience is allegedly good for the soul, a great stress reliever and growing in popularity … Continue reading

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Want a great-tasting meal when eating alone? Put a mirror on the table…..

A researcher in Japan says that if you’re going to be eating by yourself, you should put a mirror on the table. The idea comes from Ryuzaburo Tanaka, a psychology … Continue reading

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Forget the Snuggie or Slanket, “Dame Gi” is the last thing you’ll put on…ever [Video Incl]

This winter brings with it a new clothing item that is going to solve all your lounging and heating issues in one fell swoop. This light-weight but incredibly warm one-piece … Continue reading

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Japan – Phone Company SoftBank warns owners of droids ‘Pepper’ – not to try sex with them…

TOKYO — The company behind a chatty Japanese humanoid named Pepper has felt the need to remind customers who purchase the robots not to engage in sex with them. Mobile … Continue reading

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Do You Have No Time For The Gym? Eat An Orange!

New research suggests that vitamin C may give you some of the same heart benefits as regular exercise. A study from the University of Colorado, Boulder examined the effects of … Continue reading

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Popular High-Sugar Foods That Don’t Even Taste Sweet….

Many foods and beverages contain more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut and don’t even taste sweet. Granted, some contain many more vital nutrients than a breakfast treat. But, when … Continue reading

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Microsoft Windows 10 Is Downloaded without Asking

It turned out that Windows 10 is automatically downloaded on user machines even when they don’t want to install it. The automatic download takes up from 3.5GB to 6GB of … Continue reading

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What The Cancer Industry Does Not Want You To Know….

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If You Avoid Thinking About the Future, You Get Better at Everything….

Consider the tenses past, present, and future. The difference between the sentences “Bob is at the store buying nachos” and “Bob will go to the store to buy nachos” has … Continue reading

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Why You Should Have Sex With Your Husband EVERY Night, and then Buy Shares In the Viagra Company

#1 Invest In Your Man Similar to your role as a mom, your husband might lose track of his male testosterone qualities. Treat him like a man and make him feel … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in Japan, a bunch of grapes sells for record Yen 1 million, ($11,000.00) Mangoes – $3,300.00 a pair

The record-setting bunch of 26 Ruby Roman grapes  was the highest-priced at this year’s first auction in Kanazawa. TOKYO — A bunch of Japanese grapes has sold for a record … Continue reading

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21+ Of The Funniest Clothing Tags Ever….

If you’ve ever come across any similar labels, please submit them. If not, then just let us know your favorites from our 25 label list. #1 See them all here: reading

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North Korea Bans Instagram

Instagram users in North Korea are being told that access account has been denied. Subscribers of the North Korean carrier Koryolink see the following message in English when they try … Continue reading

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China – Decades-old rotting meat worth $500 million seized….

Over half a billion dollars worth of smuggled frozen meat — some of it thawed, rotting and more than 40 years old — has been seized in China, according to … Continue reading

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A Guy Took A Pregnancy Test As A Joke. He Had No Clue This Would End Up Saving His Life

A reddit user named Cappnpoopdeck thought it would be a hilarious joke to pee on his x-girlfriend’s pregnancy tests she had left in the bathroom. He took the test urinated … Continue reading

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You Should Blow Dry Your Old Banana. The Reason? [VIDEO]

Bananas often ripen faster than we ever expect. In just a matter of days they can go from slightly green to golden yellow before eventually turning brown. Then the rotten … Continue reading

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McDonald’s is becoming a popular wedding venue in…

McDonald’s restaurants are now doubling as wedding venues in Hong Kong.McDonald’s launched a wedding party program a few years ago in response to customer demand, with three locations offering wedding … Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Coffee In The World Comes From….($350 per kilo)

What if I told you the most expensive coffee in the world was $160 per pound and has gained extreme popularity all over the world? The price tag is shocking … Continue reading

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This Hover Bike Needs To Replace Every Car….[VIDEO]

Hover technology seems to be the way things are headed with transportation, from levitating trains to hover bikes. The first manned hoverbike has taken flight in a Hungarian airfield and … Continue reading

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All-black chicken…[VIDEO] (They are not from New Zealand)

The Ayam Cemani is a prized breed of pitch-black chicken that probably portends good luck or something, but to the Western eye, it’s the second most metal bird we’ve ever … Continue reading

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Sex With Talking Robots Could Be An Actual Thing In The Near Future [VIDEO]

Meet the “RealDoll,” a life-sized companion that’s anatomically accurate and can be customized to push all of your buttons. For as little as $5,000, you can get your hands on … Continue reading

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We want this sleeping bag with legs…

We know what you’re thinking, and we agree; it’s way colder in many other parts of the world. However, when folks in Canada are stepping into a nice warm insulated … Continue reading

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Rare and empty pack of smokes now selling on Yahoo! Japan Auction for $300,000

Ever since 2005, the Japanese government has mandated that at least 30 percent of a tobacco product’s warning label contain a written warning about the hazards of smoking. Even prior … Continue reading

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