China’s Facekini Obsession….

Beach Trend Fail: China's Facekini Obsession


If you like partying, and getting copiously loose without being held photographically accountable for your actions, then we’ve got some must haves for the summer beach season. The facekini is a strong decision to cover your face whilst making poor ones.

While we may chose to use it to hide our identities here stateside, in China they use it for more innocent motives: protecting their skin from the sun. Simply throwing on a paper bag wouldn’t do very well in wet or windy situations, hence this stretchy mask was invented to protect against all the elements including insects and jellyfish.

Chinese history and culture deems light skin to be more elite, since in the past it meant you did not work in the field. The mask paired with a bodysuit keeps you white all over. How far are you willing to go to keep your dermis fair? We’ll just go rob a bank in the meantime.

Facekinis show off your best feature: your smile.

Available in all colors.  How do you face-kini?

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