Why Brazilians Are Upset About The World Cup?

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Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/

The World Cup is just getting started and widespread protests have already become an undeniable presence at the tournament. Brazilians have been protesting the tournament since last June, when the country hosted the Confederations Cup, as a “dress rehearsal” for the much-larger World Cup. 

This photo, taken by photographer Edimar Soares of O Povo during the Brazil vs. Mexico match in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup, highlights a main reason why Brazilians are so furious about hosting the tournament.

“I’ve seen that scene many times in my life in Brazil,” explains Reddit user “Acronopio,” who posted the image. “THAT’S the problem … I think this should be a high-priority problem instead of spending a lot of money with stadiums, hotels, and other expenses that no one will use them after the World Cup.”

The 2014 World Cup has cost Brazil a whopping $11 billion and, as many have noted, that money rarely results in any economic benefit for the country. And right now, there are Brazilians living in tent cities after being evicted from their homes in the run-up to the tournament.

Consequently, the photo illustrates why Brazilians say that the money would have been better spent elsewhere.

“We love the World Cup and our national team. But … the money is better used on infrastructure, schools and hospitals,” said Juan da Silva, a sociology student from São Paolo University and a protester at a Sao Paolo protest last month.


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