Watch the Singapore Tourism Board video that was so bad it was pulled from YouTube…



Here are a few things you should NOT include when making videos to promote your country as a tourist destination: a cheesy script, terrible voice-overs, and music that seems strangely detached from everything else. Oh yeah, and a completely random pregnancy announcement. In a BOX.

Unfortunately, a recent cringe-worthy video by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has managed to nail all of the above requirements. The video received such a critical bashing that the STB was actually prompted to remove it from their YouTube channel and admit that it was awful. Don’t believe that an official promotional video could really have been so bad? Just wait until you’ve seen it for yourself.  

According to Oliver Chong, STB Executive Director of Communications and Industry Marketing, the promotional clip was produced by a Philippine network in an attempt to lure Filipino tourists to Singapore. However, that plan seems to have backfired as the STB was forced to delete the video after inciting a storm of negative comments online (and then sheepishly admitting online that, “We could have done better“).

But never fear, because the video has since been re-uploaded by private parties on YouTube for everyone to enjoy flinching at.


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