Harley-Davidson Unveils their Electric Motorcycles – That can only go 55 miles…


Harley-Davidson recently allowed some of their customers to test drive a new electric motorcycle that is in development.  The new prototype is called “Project Livewire” and while there has been no official release date, this is a good sign of a changing paradigm.  The famous motorcycle manufacturer is taking the new design on a 30 city tour to see what their customers think about it.

Most of the people who test drove the vehicle felt that it was ready for sale, but company is waiting to perfect the model before mass distribution.  One of the things that the company may be looking to improve is the fact that it can only travel 55 miles on a full charge.

It is interesting that this new invention has been called “the Tesla of motorcycles” by some, because until recently, not very many people would even recognize the name “Tesla”.  However, now that the Tesla line of electrical cars has become a well known name, a lot of people who only have access to mainstream information are now starting to learn about Nikola Tesla.  It is also important to point out that while these new inventions that bear the Tesla name are a step in the right direction, they are nothing compared to the free energy technology that Tesla developed nearly a century ago.

Throughout his life Tesla made countless contributions to science and the development of human understanding.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that most of his ideas would have worked to free humanity from economic slavery, his work was silenced and the powerful implications of his discoveries were covered up for generations.

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