KFC Japan offering chicken-themed keyboard, mouse, flash memory and earrings

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I think of Kentucky Fried Chicken, or “KFC” as it doggedly insists on being called, I immediately think of computer peripherals. What’s that, you say? You’re a normal human being and so you’d never make such a peculiar connection? Oh. Well, perhaps you think of earrings instead?

That’s right, folks, this unusual set of chicken-themed goods is currently up for grabs in return for following KFC Japan on Twitter and posting a link to its promo page along with the hashtag “#KFCカーナルズデー” (“KFC Colonel’s Day”)! What better way to celebrate the bearded Spice Meister’s birthday!?

Let’s take a look at this wonderfully random assortment of gifts, shall we?

First up, there’s the KFC “chikin-gata” (chicken-shaped) mouse, which is made to look like a (huge) piece of the Colonel’s famous fried bird. We’re not sure which part of the aforementioned greasy feast the scroll wheel in the middle is supposed to represent, but needs must, and frankly any piece of chicken that doesn’t allow hassle-free scrolling is no good to us!

Next, there’s the massively awkward-looking KFC Original Keyboard, which features a miniature Colonel Sanders and whose keys are–aside from “K”, “F”, and “C” of course–decorated with tiny 3-D models of fried chicken. Why? We have no idea.

Finally, if you’re the kind of person who can never find their flash memory when they need it most, this “chikin-gata” USB memory is the gift for you! Positively enormous and potentially preventing you from accessing adjacent USB ports, this piece of plastic chicken will keep your documents safe and make it virtually impossible for its presence, or lack there of, to go unnoticed!

But before you rush off to follow KFC and tweet your message, we feel it’s only right that we tell you that your chances of claiming any of the above prizes for yourself are incredibly low. As Japanese speakers will have noticed by now, KFC has just one of each of these computer peripherals to be won, making them as rare as they are random. The good news is, however, that 47 Twitter followers stand a chance of winning a pair of these FABULOUS chicken drumstick-shaped earrings should they put themselves in the running.

▼ They’re perfect for luring borrowers and small rodents!

The campaign is running from now until September 24, and is limited to those currently residing in Japan. If that’s you and you fancy your chances of winning any of these supremely odd prizes, head over to the Colonel’s Day page on KFC Japan’s website for more details.


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