A Makeup Secret That Will Save You Money – never buy wipes again!

Makeup remover wipes are expensive, but they don’t have to be. These DIY wipes are easy to make and super gentle on your face.

#2 Supplies; You’ll need:
Utility Knife
Paper Towel Roll
Container With A Lid That Holds At Least 1 Quart, (approx 1 litre)
Quart or 1 litre of warm water
1 to 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
1 to 2 Squirts of Face Wash

#3 The Solution

First mix the water, face wash and coconut oil in the bowl. Set it aside.
#4 CAREFULLY Cut the paper towel roll in half
#5 Simple
Take the lid off of the container and put half of the roll in.
#6 Pour the solution from the bowl into the container.

#7 Cut an “x” in the lid of the container.

#8 Pull the wet core out of the roll of the paper towels.

#9 Pull the top corner of the innermost paper towel through the “x” you cut in the lid.

#10 All Done – Now use your makeup remover wipes!

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