10 Amazing Herb and Spices and that Will Help you Lose Weight….

Most people know that the key to weight loss lies within what you eat. What many don’t know is that a key component might be collecting dust on your spice rack.

They may seem small and insignificant but spices offer much more than a kick of flavor to your meals. Many of them have ingredients that serve as potent weight loss aides when used correctly. Consider adding a natural weight loss catalyst to your diet by including some of the spices listed below into your daily routine.

#1 Ginger

Oils found in ginger called gingerols have antibacterial, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. A combination of vitamins and minerals make this root a health powerhouse that can also help you lose weight. It stimulates digestive enzymes to make your body absorb good nutrients quickly and avoid unhealthy ones. Studies also suggest that it may boost the metabolism to help burn off excess calories.  Ginger can also be used as natural medicine to prevent and cure many ailments.

Consumption: Many people stir ginger into hot liquid like tea. It’s also common in extracts and herbal supplements to make it easy and convenient. Ginger is one of my most favorite herb due to  its unbelievable medicinal properties and fantastic taste !

#2 Cardamom

Cardamom has a strong smell and is widely used in the holistic Ayurveda approach to natural health for thousands of years. The spice’s ability to help the digestive process and enhance metabolic function makes it ideal for weight loss. Research found that the delicious taste and smell of cardamom is also a great way to naturally alleviate depression.

Consumption: The gently sweet and moderately smokey taste goes great in a cup of coffee, puddings, soups, potatoes, and any kind of meat to give it an Indian flair. Cardamon is also one of the ingredients in the “Golden Milk” – a natural beverage that has been traditionally used to cure diarrhea, fever, bronchitis, colds and non-specific viral infections, headaches, parasitic worms, leprosy, bladder and kidney infections, and to reverse joint and muscle pain due to inflammation or arthritis.

#3 Black Pepper

That pepper shaker on your table might be more than just a timeless method of adding kick to virtually any dinner. A constituent called piperine, the stuff that makes you sneeze, can actually help prevent fat storage. Ui-Hyun Park of Sejong University recently found that black pepper intervened with genes in the body that create new fat cells.

Consumption: Put it on any meat, potatoes, on your eggs, in pasta… basically any dinner dish! A simpler alternative is finding the supplements that directly release piperine into your body.

#4 Mustard

As a condiment mustard is one of your healthiest choices with a mere 5 calories per serving. Ingesting mustard seed is an effective way to make your body burn calories more effectively. Hot mustard is said to have the most effective thermogenic effect.  Thermogenesis is the process by which the body generates heat, or energy, by increasing the metabolic rate above normal. This rise in metabolic rate is referred to as the thermogenic effect.

Mustard is one of the ingredients in my cayenne warming oil recipe to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Consumption: Mustard seeds can be eaten raw but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy them. It can be sprinkled onto meat dishes, mixed into sauces, and even mixed in water with other spices like turmeric, pepper, and garlic to make your own customized condiment.

#5 Cayenne Pepper

Most spicy foods are associated with increasing thermogenesis. Cayenne pepper raises your temperature and as a response your body works to cool it down. This process requires your body to burn more calories as it cools. It takes only a pinch or two in your dish to give it a spicy kick as well as a healthy boost.

Consumption: This food is great for anyone with a hankering for hot stuff. It goes well with ground meat, cooked vegetables, and is also available in powder capsules if you aren’t into scorching your mouth.

#6 Ginseng

A common ingredient to energy drinks because of its use in boosting energy and clarity. It goes beyond a mere stamina boost and also works to keep cells in your body from storing energy as fat. The release of insulin sparked from ginseng plays a crucial role in weight loss.

Consumption: The easiest way to consume ginseng is with drinks, capsules, and powder. The root can also be eaten raw or cooked, usually in a soup of some sort. The powder is commonly sprinkled on top of meats, salads, and into tea.

#7 Dandelions

Considered a pestilent weed by many, dandelion is actually a completely edible weight loss supplement as well. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The diuretic properties provide quick weight loss, though most of it is water weight.

Consumption: For the love of god don’t scoop up a handful of flowers and eat them raw. Dried leaves and powders are commonly mixed into hot tea and other types of drinks. There’s also a pill form that’s easy to swallow. Fresh leaves can be added to salads.

#8 Turmeric

Turmeric is a staple to many Indian dishes like curry and it has amazing health benefits that I’ve already mentioned in a previous post . It’s been suggested by physicians to alleviate stress, clean the liver, lower cholesterol, and as a natural antiseptic. The curcumin in turmeric counteracts resistance of insulin in your body, making you less likely to store fat or develop diabetes.

Consumption: Like many of the other spices turmeric can be purchased in pill and powder forms. It serves as a great addition to seafood and chicken dishes. It’s also been mixed with honey and lemon to make a fat fighting tea.

#9 Cumin

There are numerous mental and physical benefits that come from ingesting cumin. It can improve memory, concentration, prevent excessive gas and bloating and help your body absorb healthy nutrients. The high level of iron aids in healthy digestion and enhances metabolic enzymes.

Consumption: A slight nut and pepper flavor makes the cumin seed great for southern style dishes like tacos and chicken. It also goes great mixed with cooked vegetables, hot tea, and assorted beans.

#10 Cinnamon

Cinnamon’s versatility has made it a culinary staple nearly every spice cabinet. What most people don’t know is the array ofhealth benefits that come from it. Ground cinnamon is loaded with iron, calcium, fiber, and manganese. These minerals help prevent stomach ulcers, cure infection, and lower blood sugar levels. It metabolizes glucose to prevent fat storage and helps food digest in a way that makes you feel fuller for longer.

Consumption: Try cinnamon sprinkled in coffee, baked recipes, in hot water with honey, or on your breakfast cereal/oatmeal. Try to avoid cinnamon sugar mixes, as they contain a lot of excess calories.

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