Fast Food Workers Say: NEVER Order These Items: Includes KFC, MCDonalds, Starbucks +++

maccas 1

#1 Wendy’s Chili

You might shiver when you hear this one. The meat used in Wendy’s Chili is the meat that dries up on the grill. It is put into a warming draw until there is enough to make the chili.

#2 KFC BarbecueSandwiches

The barbecue sandwiches are made from meat that is too old and stale to give to a dog. It is then soaked in barbecue sauce and served to you.

#3 McDonalds Chicken McNuggets

Ask for fresh McNuggets at McDonalds if you must eat these. They are often sitting under a heat lamp with a timer that is repeatedly reset, so who knows how long they’ve been there.

#4 Dunkin Donuts Doughnuts

You may have seen the commercials where the Dunkin Donut’s baker gets up early and keeps saying, “It’s time to make the doughnuts,” over and over again. Well, in all reality, they are shipped to each Dunkin Donuts frozen.

#5 Gas Station Slurpees

Never buy a slurpee from a gas station, or really any other place. The mold that accumulates in the machine is what the liquid runs through to get to your cup.

#6 McDonald’s McCafe

The machines that the McCafe comes out of are disgustingly dirty, and hardly ever cleaned by the employees who are not trained on the machines. There is often five inches of sludge that the coffee comes through before making it to your cup.

#7 Einstein Bros. Eggs

Einstein Bros. does not use real eggs. If you do eat there, skip anything that has eggs in it, as they are sitting in the container for hours sometimes.

#8 Baseball Park Hot Dogs

NEVER EVER buy hotdogs at a baseball park. After they are grilled they are stored in a pan of water. At the end of the shift the pan is put back into the fridge and pulled out again the next day. This can go on for days and days and days.

#9 Movie Theater Popcorn

Never buy the popcorn at a movie for the first showing. That popcorn is left over from the night before, stored in garbage bags that are often gnawed on by insect or rodents.

#10 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks

The secret menu drinks don’t really have a specific recipe, so the barista can make up whatever they want to put in it. If you know what you want it to taste like then ask for that specifically.


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