7 Reasons You Should Only Trust Someone Who’s Seen You At Your Worst…

trust 1

I find it difficult to trust people — and I’m sure I’m not the only one. When you get screwed over, used, cheated on, it becomes difficult for you to believe anything anyone says.

Everyone is quick to make a promise, but few ever keep those promises. It would be great if we could get through life on our lonesome, but we aren’t built that way.

We need to have other people in our life in order not only to be happy, but to stay sane. This makes things complicated. Who do you trust? Who do you let in to see the real you? Who do you go for to ask for advice?

There is only one type of person that is truly worthy of your trust: the person who has seen you at your worst and decided to stay by your side.

This person probably already knows how to deal with you.

And sometimes that’s exactly what we need — someone who can manipulate us just enough to get us to do what’s best for us. We like to believe that we know best when it comes to ourselves, but that often isn’t the case.

When we’re already down, we aren’t in the best mindset to be making decisions. We’re most likely unhappy, moody, uncomfortable, antsy and impatient.

But having a person looking from the outside in who can help us regain our stability is often the only way to make it back to the sunnier side of life.

If this person’s stuck through this far, he or she is most likely in it for the long run.

I don’t know about you, but my worst is really, really bad. I mean, if I’m that down then I recommend everyone staying far away from me. I get unpleasant, aggressive and prefer isolation.

If you deal with your worst in a similar fashion, having someone in your life who has already been through that with you can be the difference between making or breaking you.

If this person’s seen the devil in you and stuck around, he or she’s not going anywhere the next time he comes around. You can trust in that.

This person can see you reaching your bottom before you do.

Those who have already seen you hit rock bottom are likely to see the warning signs before you do. It’s difficult to make such observations about ourselves, but having someone looking and analyzing from a distance is a great way to avoid crashing.

If this person has seen this routine before and where it’ll lead you, and he or she warns you that you seem to be heading back, believe it when this person tells you so.

READ MORE HERE: http://elitedaily.com/life/motivation/7-reasons-trust-persons-thats-seen-worst/819520/


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