Food That Can Put You in a Bad Mood…



Grabbing a bagel in the morning sounds like a great idea. However, it will spike your blood sugar and lead to a mid morning crash of the blahs and muddied thinking. Studies have shown that eating refined carbohydrates (like bagels) increased depression up to 60 percent in some people.


Too much caffeine gives a swift boost to your energy because it triggers the pituitary gland and causes an adrenalin release. Then the caffeine crash follows. Agitation and anxiety from drinking a vast amount of caffeinated drinks will affect your mood and zap your energy. Try drinking green tea or coconut water when you feel lethargic.


Cakes, cookies or a candy bar seems fitting when 3 p.m. rolls around. As you know, the sugar rush will not last and your mood will take a sharp dip, leaving you to crave even more sweets. Try fruit instead.

Potato Chips

The couch potato’s number one food choice for a reason—potato chips might start with vegetables, but they quickly turn evil when fried in saturated oils and covered in salt. In fact, the unhealthy oils used to process chips are liked to lower brain activity and negative moods. It doesn’t help that fried foods like these contain a toxic carcinogen called acrylamide, which is produced in the deep-frying process.

Processed Lunch meats

Bringing your lunch to work or school is a healthy habit, but your responsibility goes far beyond just stuffing a brown paper bag with a sandwich.  Look inside; if you choose to put packaged meats—like ham, bologna, sausage, or hotdogs—in between your bun of choice, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Processed meats like these contain high levels of energy-sucking, mood-altering nitrates, food colorings, preservatives, and additives that cause wicked headaches, low moods, and water retention (bloating).


We can clear up the “which is healthier margarine vs. butter?” debate in an instant. The short answer: margarine is the more unhealthy option. The long answer—margarine contains processed fats, which compared to natural-occurring fats (i.e., olive oil and avocado) cause insulin imbalances, mood swings, weight gain, and increase the risk of heart attacks.

French Fries

Put down the French fries! Unless they’ve been baked with olive oil on a pizza stone in your oven,  (no, chances are those take out fries are not) I’m guessing that golden fried salty goodness you’re addicted to is thanks to unhealthy saturated fats, dangerous levels of sodium, and refined carbohydrates. Not only do processed and deep fried foods take a long time to digest, they weigh down your body, causing bloating and the inevitable fast food coma.


If you’re like most Americans, you’d be ashamed to raise a glass to the fact that you consume roughly 600 sodas a year.  Loaded with refine sugar that turn to body fat almost instantaneously, sugary sodas cause a mood spike followed by a mood crash due to severely low blood sugar.

Snack Peanuts

Sure, it’s hard resist a salty handful of packaged peanuts at the pub. However, despite the protein contained within, it’s hard to find good in that grubby handful of salt and food additives, which lead to migraines, breathing difficulties, and sodium-infused bloating.


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