Pizza Hut Cheese Made From GMO Food Starch And Silicone Plastic..


Leprino Foods, the world’s largest Italian cheese manufacturer, is the nearly exclusive supplier of Pizza Cheese to the 6000+ Pizza Hut restaurants in the U.S. To control costs (and boost profits), Leprino Foods uses patented manufacturing processes that add large volumes of water, salt and GMO food starch to so-called granules of Pizza Cheese prior to flash-freezing.

Pizza Hut cheese is not just cheese, it’s silicone plastic, which binds to form lasting fat. The antifoaming chemical, Polymethylsiloxane, used in Pizza Hut’s cheese has no FDA approval for use as a food ingredient. The chemical is primarily used in food-manufacturing factories as a de-foaming agent for commercial boilers. Silicone products can caulk seams around the bathtub to seal out water, but it’s not meant as food.

Our children are eating silicon in school cafeteria meals too. Silicon is not an approved substance for human consumption. Get off the ‘Frankenfood’, do a real detox, eat a healthy diet of real vegetables, grains, and fatty acids. The longest living people don’t come from fast food America, rather from Japanese cultures. Learn from the Weston Price Foundation. Look up the Longevity diet inspired by the Macrobiotic movement. Study TCM and understand wisdom passed down from thousands of years. You are the future. Your choices, your dollar spending on what is right will change the culture and thus the world. Be mindful.

Source: Your Anon News:


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