Boss arrested for assaulting employee with a stun gun for being late

japan fail 1
Yuji Serigano, the 29-year-old president of a real estate consulting company, woke up intending to assault his only employee. But that’s what ended up happening when the unnamed employee, a 28-year-old man, showed up about an hour and a half late to work.

Serigano, who was arrested by police this week, has been charged with injuring and unlawfully confining the younger man. According to reports, Serigano shocked his employee in the neck with a stun gun, in addition to hitting him with a flashlight, pulling a plastic bag over his head, stomping on him, and hitting the man over and over with a belt. According to one news report, the beating lasted for about 50 minutes, and Serigano even forced the employee put a hoodie on to keep blood from flying everywhere.

The employee apparently suffered severe injuries which took approximately three weeks to heal. In spite of his injuries, the employee continued going to work until the end of February when he got a note from a doctor and then went to consult with the police.

Serigano confessed to the accusations, explaining that after he warned the employee about being late, the younger man just laughed it off. Apparently this was what set Serigano off, and he told police that he decided he had to punish the young man more severely as he had been late to work numerous times.

Sources: Hachimakiko, Niconico News


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