Women tell more fibs than men… honestly!

  • This is compared to two out of five men who said they tell lies every day 
  • Some women even admit to telling white lies as many as 30 times a day 
  • The biggest reason to lie was to ‘make someone feel better’
  • 46 was the average age of those who admitted to regularly telling lying 

Most of us will probably admit to the occasional little white lie. But in fact, more than one in three people tell at least one lie every day.

And it turns out that the fairer sex are the biggest fibbers of all. According to a survey, a shocking four in five women tell lies on a daily basis.

Some women even admit to doing so as many as 30 times a day – the equivalent of twice every waking hour, a survey has revealed.

This compares with two out of five men who said they tended to tell lies every day.

Fortunately the picture is not as bleak as the statistics imply. People said they mainly shied away from telling the truth to avoid hurting other people’s feelings.

The biggest reason they lied was to ‘make someone feel better’ (55 per cent). This was followed by ‘to not get into trouble’ (32 per cent) and one in four put it down to the fact that ‘life is complicated’. ‘Proving a point’ and ‘saving face’ were also common reasons to skirt around the truth.

Around 2,000 people were questioned for the poll commissioned by insurance company Privilege. And researchers found a common theme running through people’s lies.

No one likes to leave a plateful of food when invited to a dinner party, and ‘saying you enjoyed a friend or relative’s cooking’ when you might not have was the number one reason for lying (42 per cent).

People also commonly fib about their job, their salary or their weight. And they regularly pretend to share a hobby with someone they are trying to impress.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3110136/Women-tell-fibs-men-honestly-Four-five-say-tell-lie-daily-basis.html#ixzz3cLa6mFkm


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