Ways To Manage Negative People And Relationships…

1. Be conscious of how much of yourself you give to them.

Especially when all you give is unwanted and they end up withdrawing from you. Be cautious when dealing with negative people. You don’t want to waste your energy.

2. Give them less power over you.

But let them in if they earn it. Truth be told, we don’t want negative people ruling over their lives. Just remember that if they’re trying to change, let the change come! Give them another chance.

3. Remember, you’re not responsible.

If they’re sad, complaining, unhappy, feeling undervalued or just not in a good mood, remember, you aren’t responsible for those feelings and you also aren’t responsible for helping them overcome those feelings. See #1. Be careful of how much of yourself you give to them.

4. Don’t take them personally.

If they do hurtful things, know that they can’t always help it. They’re negative people, but you aren’t. Brush it off and move on.

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