A Guy Took A Pregnancy Test As A Joke. He Had No Clue This Would End Up Saving His Life

A reddit user named Cappnpoopdeck thought it would be a hilarious joke to pee on his x-girlfriend’s pregnancy tests she had left in the bathroom. He took the test urinated on it and to his surprise the test came back positive saying that indeed he was pregnant!

What started out as a funny gag to mess with his x-girlfriend actually ended up saving this lucky guy’s life. This is something everyone should be aware of.

As it turns out pregnancy tests look for raised levels of HCG, which is a hormone produced by pregnant women and men with testicular cancer. Right after Cappnpoopdeck got word from fellow Redditors he immediately went to his doctor. Upon examination the doc found a tumor in his testicle. If he never peed on this little stick, he possibly could’ve lost his life. Thank god for the internet, which on this day happened to save this guy’s life!

Please SHARE With Family and Friends, It Could Save A Life.


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