Popular High-Sugar Foods That Don’t Even Taste Sweet….

Many foods and beverages contain more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut and don’t even taste sweet. Granted, some contain many more vital nutrients than a breakfast treat. But, when you’re watching your sugar intake, it’s good to know which foods are loaded with sugar but won’t satisfy a sweet tooth. 

Flavored Yogurt: I eat yogurt when I’m trying to be “good.” But unless it’s sugar-free, yogurt can be packed with sugar. A 6-oz. container of Yoplait’s Mountain Blueberry yogurt, for instance, contains 26 grams of sugar; even the “light” blueberry has 10 grams. 

Ketchup: What’s a hamburger and fries without a douse of ketchup? But the tangy condiment is loaded with sugar. One tablespoon contains 4 grams of sugar, and who stops at 1 tablespoon? By the time you’ve covered the meat and potatoes, you’ve squirted on at least 3 or 4 tablespoons and spent 12 to 16 grams of sugar. 

Vegetable Juices: Yes, they have loads of vitamins A and C, and calcium and iron. But an 11-1/2-ounce serving of V8 has 9 grams of sugar, too, almost as much as the Krispy Kreme. And don’t let labels confuse you. The V8 line of juices also contain fruit juices that are packed with sugar. The V-fusion Pomegranate Blueberry Fusion Juice has 35 grams of sugar. 

Barbecue Sauce: It tastes tangy, but barbecue sauce often is loaded with sugar from honey, brown sugar and molasses, as many as 10 grams of sugar for two tablespoons. The more sugar-friendly way to season meat is to rub it with spices before cooking. 

Coleslaw: What seems better for your health than shredded cabbage and carrots? But commercially-prepared coleslaw, especially at fast food restaurants, can contain 23 grams of sugar in 1 cup. Even recipes for home-prepared coleslaw often include a ½-cup or more of the sweet stuff. 

Tomato Soup: Who knew that my favorite Campbell’s soup, condensed tomato soup, contains 12 grams of sugar for only a ½ cup serving. And there are 2-1/2 servings per can. So if you heat up the entire can, which is not unthinkable, you’ll be eating 30 grams– more than 7 teaspoons – of sugar. 

Source: http://www.riseearth.com/


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