The First Decent Smartwatch That Doesn’t Need Your Phone…[VIDEO]

Today, LG’s taken a nice step in the right direction, showing off the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. The Urbane is LG’s sleeker, higher-end lineup of smartwatches, and the new model comes in stainless steel and with four different nice-looking bands. 

At a large 44.5mm across, it’s still a statement piece, and it won’t be for everybody. The big difference, though: It doesn’t need your phone to connect to the Internet. It does that through a built-in radio, which can connect to LTE and 3G, or to your phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you for some reason still want to connect your watch to your phone like our forefathers did.

There are two new buttons on the side of the screen, which is itself now a bigger and better 1.38-inch, 480×480 panel. The buttons accesses shortcuts to apps and information, which you can also see with LG’s classy-ish watch faces.


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