Giving Oral Sex Makes Women Happier… According To Study! (ADULTS ONLY)

A recently released survey asked 293 college aged women questions about sex…and the answers will shock you!

The women were asked to feel out a common mental health tool used to measure your mood, also known as the Beck Depression Inventory. The result showed that performing oral sex makes you less likely to suffer from depression! Also, having sexual intercourse on the regular makes you happier than women who are abstinent.

Going even further, the results showed that women who DON’T use a condom are less likely to be depressed over women who DO! And while that may be true, safety is extremely important so wrap it up guys! The argument is that women who digest semen receive it’s mood-enhancing chemicals that are released.

Serotonin is one chemical found in semen, and is actually the strongest antidepressant neurotransmitter we as humans have. There is also oxytocin aka the “love chemical”, which helps create affection.

Researchers have stated they do not intend to encourage women to NOT be safe while having sex with a partner, simply showing the scientific reason that certain acts can help your mood. Hopefully guys don’t start expecting to receive a “thank you” every time they receive a BJ!



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