Why Fat People Have Better Sex….

chicken pole dancing

  • Men with higher fat reserves produce more of this hormone, which inhibits orgasm. So sex just lasts longer when he’s chunky.
  • On a subconscious level, he can’t resist her softness and curves.
  •  According to a recent British study, women feel more confident bedding an overweight man – 74% of women surveyed said they just wouldn’t feel comfortable undressed in front of the perfect specimen of manliness.
  • Overweight women are already in high demand as sexual partners – A Survey of Family Growth (of 7,000 women) concluded that 92% of overweight women had been laid, as opposed to 87% of women with more standard dimensions.
  • The long term benefits for overweight men: Relationship expert Tracey Cox says that women seek them out for marriage – “We feel more comfortable with a bit of flab over super toned abs. Women are already under extreme pressure to look a certain way and we figure that a man who appears less critical of his own appearance and obsessed with looks will be less critical of ours.”
  • And here’s one unexpected benefit to partnering with an overweight woman: New research from the University of California Santa Barbara and the University of Pittsburgh suggests that the children of overweight women may actually be more intelligent than the children of thinner women.
    “Shapely hips and thighs hold essential nutrients that nurse brains and could produce smart kids, too,” researcher Steven Gaulin said.



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