12 Facebook Security Tips You Need to Implement Today..

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“Man, I really wish I hadn’t said that!” Ever think or say a version of that sentence after an in-person interaction? You aren’t alone, by any means. In 2015’s digital landscape, shoddy security habits are curiously widespread – while over-disclosure on social media has become the norm, rather than the exception. Luckily, there are some ways to proactively limit oversharing, or retroactively control visibility of what’s already out there, with some definite caveats.

When in doubt, remember, something is a secret for as long as the information is kept in your head. Afterward, damage limitation or accepting defeat might be your only recourse. That being said, let’s discuss 12 tips to secure your Facebook information today, from photos and videos, to what you think about the new parking regulations in town and how scrumptious breakfast was.

This post is broken up into roughly two semantic halves, corresponding to measures you may take in advance of registering for an account (or when creating a new one), and reactive options to limit access to the details you’ve already shared.

Did you find these tips useful? Hit the link below to inform your network.

1. Read Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

I know what you’re thinking, the print’s small, I won’t be happy with what I read, so why even bother? Ignorance is bliss, right. Well, not so fast. It’s just a tad past ironic to live in the so-called Information Age and not bother with informing yourself (while said information is literally in front of your nose). Take five minutes extra, and save yourself the headache later.

Facebook Security Tips

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is simply ‘techie’ terminology for describing a second security check to log in to your Facebook account. This usually means identity verification is handled by the dual-pronged approach of something you know and something you have. You’ll need a smartphone, as after inputting your username/password combo, you’ll get a text with a verification code which will then allow completion of the two-tiered process.

So, even if you mis-clicked or otherwise have your login details stolen in some fashion, with 2FA active, you’re safe. Just remember to keep your smartphone nearby, as if that poses much of a problem. Keep reading to find out how to modulate your privacy settings to hide from Google.

Nintendo Quit

3. Hide From Search-Engines

It’s not hard to hide from search engines, and most importantly ‘creepers‘. Navigate to  Settings>Privacy>Who Can Look Me Up? Make sure the checkbox is left blank, to keep Google and other engines from finding your profile.

Hide From Search

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