FOUND–Exact Location Where Jesus Christ Was Crucified, Including….

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Ron Wyatt claimed that he found the Ark of the Covenant, but was never permitted to provide conclusive evidence.

“More and more we are hearing of new books and tales about the location of the Ark of the Covenant, some based on theories and some based on actual claims of sightings. 

“Ron also claimed to have found the Ark in 1982 – but how do you know who to believe?  Until you can see solid evidence for yourself, you cannot know for sure who is telling the true story.”  Mrs. Ron (Mary Nell) Wyatt

Why the Ark, and Why In That Location?

While scouring the Bible cover-to-cover, Ron discovered the last mention in the Bible of the Ark’s location in Jerusalem, which was around the year 621 BC, 35 years prior to Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. This meant that the Ark vanished from the Divine Record between 621 BC and 586 BC.  There could be absolutely no doubt that it was not there after that time since the temple was completely destroyed.

In 2 Kings 24:13, 2 Kings 25:13-18, and Jeremiah 52:17-23, Ron  came across a detailed account of the items that were transported to Babylon from the “king’s house” as well as from the “House of the Lord”. What’s more, it aslo mentioned small items such as spoons and more!  Yet the Ark was not mentioned. Nor was it mentioned in the lists of artifacts returned from Babylon in the book of Ezra.

Interestingly, Jeremiah 28:3 states that everything taken to Babylon from the “House of the Lord” would be returned. Since the Ark wasn’t included among the returned items, this means that it was never taken there to begin with.  Shishak and Sennacherib also removed items from the “House of the Lord”; however,  they did not include the Ark of the Covenant.

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