OpIslam by Anonymous…


Well first of all, this operation does not aim at “converting everyone to islam”, not at all.

Islam is a religion misunderstood by many, verses form the quran are misinterpreted, lies about our Prophet Mohammad are spread, all of of this is use to create hate and animosity toward Muslim community. I was thinking for a long time now, about doing an operation that will aim at educating people about what Islam is in order to prove that we are not the enemy, but I hesitated a lot, not knowing if it was a good idea or not. What really helped me take a decision is this article : http://anonhq.com/prophet-muhammad-truth-pedophilia/

There is a lot of anti-Islam website out there, spreading lies and hate pretending they know better what islam is than Muslims. My idea was to do exactly what Vibe did in this article, answering lies with the truth. Showing to the world that no, Muslims are not terrorist, that Islam does not advertise violence, that we are peaceful, and that the real message of Islam is peace, nothing more than that. I understand that some people feel uncomfortable when it comes down to talk about religions, but I think that making religions a taboo, especially with what is currently happening in the world, is not a good idea. I was told that a lot of people are ignorant when it comes down to Islam, this ignorance is used in order to create more divisions between us. I want to break down one of those many walls that are dividing humanity. – maia (sky) –

ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to violence. This is the equation.

Read The Full Story Here: http://anonhq.com/opislam/


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