Propaganda in Our Digital Era….

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Propaganda Becomes a Necessity of the Modern Era

In a world of disequilibrium, disconnected from primordial metaphysical principles, a world that condemns contemplative introspection and thrives on speed and change, propaganda becomes a necessity according to Jacques Ellul. With no meaningful understanding of our place in this world and our connection within the greater cosmos, modern man needs endless propaganda — as Ellul says, “to help us face our condition.” If we did not feel this lack, if we were in harmony with the Cosmic Laws that govern our universe, we would have no need for propaganda. Neither would we feel compelled to read the endless, often absurd, explanations that conspiracy websites provide that over time, on reflection, amount to little or no real value.

Propaganda, and likewise these ‘insider’ websites that claim to explain everything, only exist because we need them. Ellul explains that this need for propaganda is practically universal in modern civilization and increases as any country “progresses toward civilization.” This need for propaganda is intrinsic to the current digital era. We have left the industrial era and now live in a Technological Digital Age. I often wonder if all colonized planets go through these stages.


The Mix of Truth & Lies

As a subtle yet effective form of propaganda, conspiracy websites serve to distract, to defuse anger and frustration that stem from the despair of a profound sense of helplessness in the Digital Era that is marked by an obsession with quantity in these twilight days of the Kali Yuga.

Conspiracy websites pretend to give their readers the “insider’s truth”; however, they are, in fact, a myriad mix of manufactured, confused and confusing information that deludes, giving the reader a false sense of participation in decisions that are being made without his or her knowledge and consent. The reader is often left feeling cynical, filled with distrust, and impotent — thus rendered ineffectual and non-intrusive. Distracted in this manner, the real players are left free to rule. Haven’t you ever wondered why these websites are allowed to thrive in our western culture?

Fear as a Business

Fear-based insecurities are the biggest component. Ellul states:

“Propaganda is the manipulation of the subconscious by technical means…hypermodern police methods…have as their end the establishment of a ‘neurotic complex’ based in feelings of insecurity. Our technical world not only creates these feelings spontaneously, it develops them with malice aforethought for technical reasons and by technical means which, in their action on the human being, reinforce the structures of that technical world.”

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