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Cigarette Filters – an engineering hoax that harms both smokers and the environment…

Cigarette filters were initially introduced by the tobacco industry in the 1960s to make cigarettes “safer”. But we now know they provide no safety, no health benefits, and are a major cause of environmental littering. … Continue reading

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Researchers find link between hair dye and breast cancer…

Women should dye their hair only two to five times a year and use products with more natural ingredients, such as beetroot, to reduce the risk of cancer, a breast … Continue reading

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Nutritionists show the truths about benefits of a vegan diet…

It is well known that after a tough gym session, run, race or game the body needs protein to recover. It is pretty easy to come by — a quick … Continue reading

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Aphrodisiac Foods That Boost Your Libido…

Source: An aphrodisiac is defined as a food or drug that arouses sexual instinct, brings on desire or increases sexual pleasure or performance. Naturally, aphrodisiacs are a hot topic, … Continue reading

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Is Yoga doing us more harm than good?

When people think of yoga, they think of relaxation, deep breathing, mindfulness and balance in body and mind. But new research out of the University of Sydney has found the … Continue reading

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8 Natural Mosquito Repellents…

There’s no need to suffer long-term and serious health consequences to ward off pesky mosquitoes. Choose a natural alternative that’s proven to work as effectively as DEET or in some … Continue reading

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Ancient Japanese Technique Kills Stress In 5 Minutes!

Stress in your life can take a measurable toll. In the short term, it takes an immediate effect on your body, but chronic stress puts your health at risk. Your … Continue reading

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What is Oolong Tea and What Benefits Does it Have?

Oolong tea represents only 2% of the world’s tea, but it’s well-worth discovering (1). It combines the qualities of dark and green teas, giving it several interesting health benefits. For … Continue reading

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Japanese men urged to use phones to check sperm count…

A company in Japan has developed a kit that allows men to use their phones to check their sperm count in the comfort of their home. Key points: Birth rates … Continue reading

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Surprising Uses for Onions..

Health & Body 1. Repel Insects. Rubbing an onion on your skin is a simple way to repel bugs. 2. Soothe Insect Bites & Stings. Forgot to follow tip #1? … Continue reading

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‘Dangerous’ vitamins and supplements revealed in PBS Frontline, New York Times investigation…

Troubling questions have been raised about the quality and safety of vitamins and dietary supplements, in a joint investigation by the New York Times and the PBS Frontline program. Key … Continue reading

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A large observational cohort study[1] in Sweden found that women consuming more than 3 glasses of milk a day had almost twice the mortality over 20 years compared to those … Continue reading

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Making Cloudy Glasses Sparkle Again….

We all want our glassware to be clean and sparkly, right? It’s not until I’m offering a drink to someone (other than my immediate family) that I even notice how … Continue reading

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Monkey See, Monkey Do? The Role of Mirror Neurons in Human Behavior….

We are all familiar with the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” – but have we actually thought about what it means? Over the last two decades, neuroscience research has been … Continue reading

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Gaslighting: A Sophisticated Manipulation Tactic ….

There has been a rising public interest in the methods employed by certain personality types to manipulate the people around them. People are rightly afraid that there might be someone … Continue reading

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The Shocking True Story On How Pringles Are Made…

By Dr. Mercola To understand the nature of Pringles and other stackable chips, forget the notion that they come from actual potatoes in any recognizable way. The Pringles Company (in … Continue reading

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Emotional Connection: How to Get the Sex Life of Your Dreams…

What is the one thing we want and need most in relationships? If you said sex … you’re wrong. According to Ph.D Sue Johnson, inventor of Emotionally Focused therapy, secure … Continue reading

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8 Weight Loss Tips to Ignore …

There is no shortage of weight loss advice on the internet. Although some weight loss tips are good, others are useless or downright harmful. Here are 8 weight loss tips … Continue reading

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How waking up every day at 4.30am can change your life…


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I am generally of the mind that sex guides hinder rather than enhance what should be an intuitive and mutually pleasurable experience—one ideally where individuals tell their partners what they … Continue reading

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Drink This Juice Before Bedtime and See How Your Stomach Fat Will be Reduced

The daily function of your liver is to remove harmful toxins from your body. The more toxins you have the more overworked your liver becomes, thus it takes time and … Continue reading

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A “healthy brekkie” from Jamie Oliver….

Charred avo & eggs “Super-tasty and easy to knock together, this healthy brekkie is a real winner. Eggs are full of protein, which assists with muscle repair, they’re also high … Continue reading

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Canna-bees ‘trained to produce honey from marijuana’….

Frenchman claims to have mastered the art of producing highly intoxicating honey from the flowers of weed plants.   A beekeeper has trained a hive of “canna-bees” to produce honey … Continue reading

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The Simplest Way To Skyrocket Your Size And Strength….

We go to the gym to lift weights, but “lifting” is hardly the only portion of the repetition that counts. While telling someone you also “lower weights” doesn’t have the … Continue reading

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What Actually is BPA and Why is it Bad for You?

BPA is an industrial chemical that may find its way into people’s food. Some experts claim that it is toxic, and that people should make an effort to avoid it. … Continue reading

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This diet may be responsible for Japan’s incredible longevity…

Their diet is rich in fish and pickled vegetables, may be responsible for Japan’s incredible longevity On average, nobody lives longer than Japanese women. Their life expectancy is 87 years … Continue reading

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The dangers of microwaves revealed….

By now, most health-conscious individuals are at least somewhat aware of the dangers of microwaves or EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) in general, I thought. Surely, even more must know about the … Continue reading

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Paleo diet touted as better for diabetics could cause rapid weight gain…

Researchers who set out to prove the benefits of the Paleo diet have instead discovered it could cause significant and rapid weight gain. The study by Melbourne University researchers, took … Continue reading

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Tomato expert offers advice on sourcing the best produce ….

Did you know there is thought to be more than 7,000 varieties of tomatoes? While those usually found in supermarkets include generic varieties like Roma, field and cherry tomatoes, horticulturalist … Continue reading

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Why You Should Keep Drinking Milk Long After Its Sell-By Date…

A Harvard mini doc explains why, contrary to popular belief, even spoiled milk won’t make you sick. Before filling up a bowl of cereal or dunking a cookie in glass … Continue reading

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Keen to improve your memory? It might be as simple as ABC, expert explains…

Losing keys, forgetting names and not remembering important information for work or study? Many of us have first-hand experience with the frustrations of memory lapses, and it’s not unusual to … Continue reading

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A Prescription that Big Pharma’s won’t recommend…

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Sad Bitter truth: Sugar may be as harmful as stress…

A group of researchers from Australia and India released a study suggesting that sugar consumption may cause not only diabetes and obesity, but also brain defects comparable to those caused … Continue reading

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You can’t control where on your body you lose weight from – Fitness Myth Busted…

In a dream world we’d get to choose exactly which areas on our body we shed excess weight from first. It seems to make sense: you want to get rid … Continue reading

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The world’s largest smog sucking vacuum has the potential to rid cities of pollution…

If you’re a city dweller, waking up to smog around the tops of buildings is a normal occurrence, and socially we accept this sight. We might even take it for … Continue reading

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A simple way of sealing a bag of chips without a clip…

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Your Blood Type Determines Your Personality?

Your blood group type can reveal your personality; Bright and dark aspects of your personality. Let’s have a look that what blood types possess which kind of qualities for any person and which blood type is compatible to … Continue reading

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Get a Flat Belly — Without Exercise!

Crunches aren’t the only way for a flabby belly. You can slim down and beat bloat without breaking a sweat. “Don’t discount the immediate slimming effect that improving your posture … Continue reading

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You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong….[Video]

Circles are for jerking and back and forth is for toddlers. The optimal method of tooth brushing is called the Modified Bass technique and it sounds more like a EMD … Continue reading

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10 of The Most Functional Foods In The World Which Destroy Cancer Cells…

In case cancer cells experience an uncontrollable growth through damage or mutations to DNA or if toxins through food and chemical pollution override the immune system’s natural function, proteins are … Continue reading

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Acrylamide in Coffee: Should You be Concerned?

The health benefits of drinking coffee are pretty impressive. It has been shown to enhance brain function, increase metabolic rate and improve exercise performance (1, 2, 3). A regular intake … Continue reading

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How Eating More Slowly Can Help You Lose Weight…

Many people eat their food fast and carelessly. However, eating slowly may be a much smarter approach. In fact, studies show that slower eating can help you feel more full … Continue reading

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What happens to your vagina as you age?…

These days, we look at our vaginas — or more correctly, vulvas — much more than women (or men) used to. And as we get older or after childbirth, many … Continue reading

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12 Laws of Karma that Will Change Your Life….

Karma is the law of cause and effect – an unbreakable law of the cosmos. Your actions create your future. The reason your fate is never sealed is because you … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need Breakfast?

Source: The first meal of the day just isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s becoming downright overrated, according to Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times. … Continue reading

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The Effect of Aspartame on Your Brain Read; Gotta Love Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi etc!

Controversy always surrounds the artificial sweetener Aspartame , but do you realize it is currently found in over 6000 foods . Here we examine the far reaching effects it has … Continue reading

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Ways To Stop Swimming In Your Own Shit…

Cross Posted from:   Have you ever seen fish in a dirty tank? They look droopy and dull and float around like they have shackles strapped to their fins. Their … Continue reading

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Cannabis: a Misunderstood Plant That Could Save the Planet…

Many people have a confusion regarding the different varieties of cannabis and thousands of different uses of this plant around the world. The results of ignorance and misinformation lead thousands … Continue reading

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Argentina: The Country That Monsanto Poisoned….

American biotechnology has turned Argentina into the world’s third-largest soybean producer, but the chemicals powering the boom aren’t confined to soy and cotton and corn fields. They routinely contaminate homes … Continue reading

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This Is What Microwaves Do To Your Food….

Heating/Cooking on a stove is different from heating/cooking in a microwave. Absolutely right. While conventional ways of heating/cooking your food HEAT/COOK your food, microwaves heat/cook YOU. If this sounds frightening, … Continue reading

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