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Our homoeopathic range has been compiled in consultation with homoeopathic veterinary surgeons to ensure that the remedies offered are safe for you to give to your animals and so can be used with the same confidence as our other product ranges. All our homoeopathic preparations can be used in conjunction with our range of veterinary herbal medicines and dietary supplements. Homoeopathic strengths, or potencies, seem unusual insomuch as the more diluted the ‘mother tincture’ from which the remedy is prepared, the stronger the remedy. A 3C remedy is the least potent and a 30C is the strongest. The higher the potency the quicker and deeper its action.

We are unable to give full therapeutic uses for these remedies but many books are available on the subject. We recommend the following books for those interested in increasing their knowledge of this subject: “People are Pets” by Francis Hunter, MRCVS, VETFFHom and Steven Kaye, PhD, MRPharmS. “Homoeopathic First Aid for Pets” by Christopher Day, MRCVS, VetFFHom. We will be pleased to provide you with a list of qualified Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons if required.