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Weaning Paste – 3 weeks to 6 weeks



Weaning Paste

Nutriment’s weaning paste is our raw dog food solution for weaning puppies. Made from one ingredient – 100% human-grade quality raw chicken – it is ideal for gently introducing young puppies to solid food.

Nutriment’s weaning made is made from one simple ingredient – chicken. Raw, high-quality chicken is the perfect ingredient for weaning puppies as it’s gentle on the digestive system, whilst providing protein and other nutrients to support growth and development.

From Milk to Food

After the initial feeding from mum, which generally lasts around three to four weeks, we suggest introducing our raw weaning paste. Offering a small amount at feeding time is a great way to encourage the transition from milk to solid puppy raw dog food. Generally, this process takes place between weeks three and six of a puppy’s life, but this can vary depending on the dog.

From the age of six weeks, you can transition your puppy onto our puppy formula, which is packed with all the essential nutrition to promote healthy growth and development in young dogs.

Our puppy weaning paste is available 500g trays.


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